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Lemur Sounds + Beatboxing = Sick Beats for Conservation

What happens when an anthropology professor teams up with a music producer/beatboxer? They create a conservation campaign you can dance to. Patricia Wright and Ben Mirin are using the vocalizations of Madagascar lemurs to create music, hoping it will not only entertain but also help protect the lemurs’ natural habitat.

Wright is a renowned primatologist and National Geographic who’s studied lemurs in the wild since the 1980s.…

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British National Bird Music Video

These are the 10 finalists in Britain’s vote for a national bird, which will be announced June 8th! Special thanks to the generous videographers who donated their footage to this piece. The vote has been extended on votenationalbird.com, so visit the site to choose which bird you think should represent the original motherland!…

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Red Knot Rescue (Audubon Mag)


In early May, Delaware Bay will play host to the largest swarm of horseshoe crabs on earth. Every spring for millennia these ancient crustaceans have assembled here to breed and lay their eggs, and cater to millions of migrating birds that use these eggs to fuel their continued northward migrations. But the number of crabby visitors has shrunk, due to overharvesting by humans.…

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Is Radiation Killing Off the Birds in Fukushima?

White feather abberations on a Japanese Barn Swallow. (Yutaka YAMAMOTO | Wild Bird Society of Japan)

White feather abberations on a Japanese Barn Swallow. (Yutaka YAMAMOTO | Wild Bird Society of Japan)

As an intriguing addition to this story written on Fukushima’s birds for Smithsonian Magazine, here are two videos from the principal investigator behind the key study. One video is from a neutral zone with minimal background radiation in Fukushima prefecture.…

#Birdbox on Studio 360

Daniel Gross produced this story about my work for Studio 360 which aired yesterday on 93.9FM WNYC. It will be rebroadcast this Saturday between 4 and 5pm and again on Sunday between 11am and noon.

Note: in the moment, I misspoke and identified that second call as a Gadwall. It’s an American Woodcock.…

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Texas Horned Lizard: A Story in Music

Image courtesy of Wild Lens

Image courtesy of Wild Lens

This week I’ve assembled a slightly different collection of sounds inspired by our discussion so far about the Texas Horned Lizard, or horny toad, and the importance of fire ecology in its conservation.


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Britain’s Vote National Bird Campaign (Smithsonian)

Reinhard Holzl

Reinhard Holzl | ImageBROKER | Corbis

As founder of the Vote National Bird campaign, David Lindo believes Britain’s top choices for a national bird would have been completely different 50 years ago.

“Many of the most common birds in the 1950s are now very rare,” he explains. “There are several birds off the list that I personally think should still be there, like the cuckoo or the nightingale, but children today are growing up more separated from nature, so it’s little surprise that some species are out of sight and out of mind.”

The United Kingdom has never had a national bird, and Lindo wants to make it official.…

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